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We’re announcing our album release date PLUS a huge change/”move” for us, at midday today. You don’t want to miss it.

So excited.

Scratching My Own Back

I’m obsessed with making playlists. I don’t like shuffle and I listen to albums from start to finish. Album flow is something that I love so much when listening to a band, for me it is just as important as the music itself because it has such a huge impact on how you digest the music you’re hearing. 

I have so many playlists in my iTunes. All the songs within are intentionally ordered to have great flow and make sense as a whole playlist and I NEVER listen to them using shuffle. It makes for such a better listening experience! I probably have just as much fun making the list to be honest. Not autistic. 

So, while we are mixing our album one of the necessary steps is to decide on a track listing! Hazzah! My favourite thing to do! It’s actually a lot harder when it’s YOUR music, surprisingly. However, it’s still a beautiful thing to do. It’s like having my cake (the album itself - which I am so excited for) and scoffing it down too (working on the track listing). And then eating several more cakes out of excitement. 

The only downfall is that, while making a playlist of my favourite music in itunes is great, this similar task has so much added anxiety and stress to it. Maybe melo-dramatically, but if people feel the album is disconnected I will die! It’s like vomiting the cake back up and then never being able to have cakes again!

I feel so torn. It’s like it’s my birthday but and a first date at the same time. So much fun but I’m breaking out in sweats.

I hope whoever is stupid enough to read all of this is just as excited as we are about this album coming out! A third mixing session on Sunday, that big step closer to finishing it. Rar!

01kami asked: When does your music video come out? And for which song is it?

Hopefully in the next 2 weeks. It’s a song called K.I.D.S. (Here’s us playing it at Owl City )

jenkateshields asked: Congratulations! I can't wait for Flaws.

Thank you! Neither can we. 


The recording process has now officially come to an end. We will be doing some mixing in the next few weeks. Our debut album will be in your ears very very very very very soon.

This is a new song we played at the Basement last Saturday. Feel free to reblog if you wish. We’re happy with this.